Maggie's Cancer Support Centre

Our chosen charity is Maggie's - a support centre for people living with cancer. It also provides valuable emotional support to the families of people with cancer. The centre survives on donations alone so we aim to raise as many funds as possible to help ensure that this amazing sanctuary can fulfil it's purpose long into the future.

Home from Home's support for Maggie's Cancer Centre, Swansea

The director of Home from Home, Matthew Bound, has had first-hand experience with the diagnosis of testicular cancer. Thankfully Matthew's treatment was successful and his gratitude for the NHS staff was overwhelming. 

In early 2018, Matthew was asked to be on the fundraising board at Maggie's, Swansea. Honoured, Matthew immediately agreed and has an active role in the fund raising of the Swansea support centre. 

As part of his involvement (voluntarily), Matthew chose to challenge himself in the name of Maggie's. He is determined to raise as much money as possible for this amazing cause! 

So far, Matthew has completed the Swansea Bay 10k, Swansea Half Marathon. On his fund raising journey he will continue with his next event, the Valencia Marathon, followed by an Arctic Trek in early 2019 and finishing with the London Marathon in the Summer of 2019. 

If you wish to get behind Matthew and donate please go to:

Any donation small or large really does make a huge difference to the running of the centre. The support needed by those affected by cancer, directly or a family member or friend, is crucial. Please help Matthew to reach his target!

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About Maggie's

In the UK, there are already two million people living with or after cancer. And now 1 in 2 people will be affected in their lifetime. Many will face tough questions, exhausting treatment and difficult emotions that also affect their friends and families.

That’s why they need a Maggie’s.

Maggie’s provides free practical, emotional and social support to people with cancer and their family and friends. Maggie’s Psychologists can be crucial in helping with the emotional trauma of cancer. Maggie’s is there with this professional support within all it's Centres. 

"At Maggie’s I didn’t have to explain myself or what was happening, I was just accepted for myself and treated like a warm friend. For such a small building it holds so much love.”
Mark, Maggie’s Centre visitor

Maggie's Benefits Advisors help people to access and apply for benefits and grants they are entitled to. Each hour can unlock a great deal more for someone who’s struggling to manage. 
Maggie’s runs several workshops and support groups, each providing an invaluable source of support to people with cancer.
Maggie’s Swansea is the only Maggie’s currently in Wales. In the last two years Maggie’s Swansea has received 23,000 visits from people affected by cancer.

For further information about Maggie's the link to Maggie’s Swansea page can be found here: Maggie's Swansea   

Who was Maggie?
Image removed.In May 1993, Maggie Keswick Jencks was told that her breast cancer had returned and was given two to three months to live.
She joined an advanced chemotherapy trial and lived for another 18 months. During that time, she and her husband Charles Jencks worked closely with her medical team, which included oncology nurse, Laura Lee, now Maggie’s Chief Executive, to develop a new approach to cancer care.
In order to live more positively with cancer, Maggie and Charles believed you needed information that would allow you to be an informed participant in your medical treatment, stress-reducing strategies, psychological support and the opportunity to meet other people in similar circumstances in a relaxed domestic atmosphere.
Maggie was determined that people should not “lose the joy of living in the fear of dying” and the day before she died in June 1995, she sat in her garden, face to the sun and said: “Aren’t we lucky?”
In November 1996, the first Maggie’s Centre opened in Edinburgh and what Maggie had planned became real.

Donate by TEXT

It is now possible to donate to Maggies by text. You can make a one-off donation of £3.00 or subscribe by text and make a monthly donation of £3.00.

Text MAGGIESSWAN to 70007 to give £3 and help those affected by cancer.
100% of your donation will go to Maggie’s.

Standard rate charges may apply. By using this service you agree to being contacted by Maggie’s about work, news and fundraising activities.

To opt out of comms please text NOSMS MAGGIES to 78866.

Visit for full details or call 0300 123 1801.

Maggie Keswick Jencks Cancer Caring Centres Trust (Maggie’s) is a registered charity, No. SCO24414