February Half Term Heaven in Gower, Mumbles & Swansea Bay

Plonked in the middle of Christmas and Easter holidays, it’s the first of the three annual half term lulls that beg for a little zest and adventure. And let’s be honest, a week at home with the little ones asking "Where are we going today?" On an hourly basis is enough to drive anyone crackers during the February half term break.

But you don’t have to think of anything else this half term other than enjoying a break of a lifetime at the Gower!

Think feeling the crunch of the crispy, golden ground beneath your feet as you fill your lungs with the most invigorating air in the country.
Think giving your little ones the unforgettable experience of surfing in the famous frothy Gower ocean.
Think satisfying your appetites with some of the finest local dishes you’ll ever taste while overlooking truly breathtaking views.  

It certainly beats twiddling your thumbs trying to fill the school holidays or spending the days breaking up remote control fights!

The only thing you have to think about while you stay at the Gower is how much you love it! If you’re looking for a magical escape from the strains and stresses of everyday life; a haven that combines fun and relaxation, and a place that’s guaranteed to put a smile on each of your family member’s faces, then the Gower is the place to be this October half term.

You can even learn some impressive new life skills while you’re here! Ever wondered what life would be like before the invention of electricity, TV or even matches? Ever fancied yourself as a Bear Grylls type, surviving in the wilderness? Think you’ve got what it takes to sample life without the modern technology that we all take for granted? You could soon find out! The Gower is home to Dryad Bushcraft, one of the UK's leading Bushcraft and Wilderness Survival training organisations. Renowned for its well-established reputation and high-quality instruction, the courses will teach you how to prepare for adventures, build shelters, create fire without matches, find food and water, and much more.

You can even tailor the courses to your specific requirements! Sold on a half term holiday in the Gower? (Who wouldn’t be?) View our great range of family friendly holiday homes below, all you need to do then is pack!

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