Published: Thursday 4th Jul 2019

Written by: Home From Home Team

If there’s one word that sums up the holiday experience you can expect in Wales, then that’s the Welsh word croeso. It means welcome. And at Home from Home we really mean it. Our friendly and professional customer service team is committed to looking after you from your initial contact with us to the time you go home. That’s why so many of our customers come back time and time again.

We’re also proud of the Welsh language which you might hear spoken here in Mumbles, Gower and the South Wales area. Wales in a truly bilingual country and over 600,000 people in Wales speak Welsh and it’s likely to rise to 1 million by 2050.

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Many of our holiday cottages have Welsh names which are beautifully descriptive and evocative of a distinctive sense of place. We’ve selected just a few from our extensive portfolio to give you a taste (blas) of the language and tempt you with spectacular locations and unparalleled views in the lovely seaside resort and village of Mumbles, and the spectacular Gower peninsula.

Visit our property listings to see more about the following properties and many others, or talk to one of our Home from Home customer service team. Yma i helpu/Here to help.

Mumbles Cottages

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Ael Y Don, Langland - ref 1001

Bwythyn Bach – Little Cottage. Property reference: 1210

Gan-y-Mor – By the Sea. Property reference: 12B

Swn-y-Mor – Sound of the Sea. Property reference: 380

Ael-y-Don – Brow of the Wave. Property references: 1001 and 193

Seren Cottage – Star Cottage. Property reference: 1214

Cwtch Bach – A Little Cuddle apartment. Property reference: 126C

Delfryn Cottage – A Pretty View by a Pretty Hill. Property reference: 66B

Arfryn Cottage – On the Hill Cottage Property reference: 639

Ty Hyfryd – Beautiful House. Property reference: 384

Bryn Terrace – On the Hill Terrace. Property reference: 128C

Gower Cottages

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Swn Y Mor, Horton - ref 701

Carreg Lywd Farmhouse – Grey Stone Farmhouse. Property reference: 90_4

Llanelen Farm. Church of/Place of Ellen Farm. Property references: 474, 474M and 474S

Brandy Cwtch – Small, snug, place of cuddles near Brandy Cove. Property reference: 675

Crwcca Farm – Crooked/Bent Farm. Property reference: 39

Llanmorlais Farm Cottage– Farm of the Church of/Place of the Morlais River. Property reference: LL001

Ty Pwll Du – House of the Black or Dark Pool. Property reference: 649

Barcud Lodge – Kite Lodge. Property reference: 151C

Swn y Mor – Sound of the Sea. Property reference: 701

Caemor – Field by the Sea. Property reference: 500

Llethryd Farm Cottages – might be a corruption of Place by the Stream Cottage. Property reference: LT001 and LT002

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