Surfin’ Safari in South Wales

Published: Thursday 15th Aug 2019

Written by: Home From Home Team

Let’s go surfin’ now

Everybody’s learning how

Come on a safari with me

(The Beach Boys, 1962)

In the heady days of the 60s, in wasn’t just California that was where it was at for all things beach. Gower and the South Wales area were in at the birth of the UK surf-scene and remain at its heart and soul today.

The histories of many of the early surfers, including legend Peter Jones (PJ) both Welsh and European Champion on numerous occasions in the 1970s, are interwoven with the wave-packed area. Many, including PJ, are still carving waves today in an environment that’s second to none in terms of scenic beauty and quality of waves. That’s why it’s become a mecca for surfers from all over the world.

Male and female, young and old, experienced and novices, the able-bodied and the disabled, will all find a wave to suit. We’ve got the lot: beach breaks, reef breaks and point breaks, so if it’s not working somewhere, you only have to drive a short distance to catch your perfect wave elsewhere.

You don’t really have to go outside Gower, but if you want to go just a little further east or west, you can experience a diverse range of breaks and take in some spectacular coastal scenery as you do.

Here are a few of the most popular. For yet more surf spots, secret and not-so-secret, please visit

Gower and Mumbles:

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Llangennith – suitable for all abilities. Mellow beach break and space for everybody in 3km of beach. Works at all tides. Best swell direction S-W. Best wind E.

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Langland – best for the experienced surfer. Works on a regular basis. Offers beach, point and reef breaks. Works at all tides. Best swell direction S-W. Best wind N.

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Caswell – great for beginners. Exposed but consistent. Works best mid-to-high tide. Best swell direction SE. Best wind N. World-class adaptive inclusive surfing experiences for physically challenged, disabled and those with learning difficulties via Mumbles-based

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Go east:

Rest Bay, Porthcawl – all abilities. Fun and consistent beach break. Works at all tides. Best swell direction SW-W. Best wind E.

Go west:

Freshwater West – suitable for intermediates. Fast, hollow wave. Home to the Welsh Nationals and offers beach break and reef section. Works at all tides. Best swell S-W. Best wind NE.

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